Sulawesi / Lombok – Thank you for your Donation!

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Dear Clients, Candidates, Vendors, Friends, Family, Resorts and others,

The death toll from the September 28th earthquake and tsunami on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia today stands at over 1,500 and is likely to climb drastically.

Urgently needed aid efforts are still being hampered by logistical challenges with roads heavily damaged, airport and communications impaired, etc.

Although we actually already had made arrangements for one more truck to leave to Lombok today, we decided on Monday to divert our efforts and the remainder of donations received to this area in dire need.

Since we, as for Lombok, did not want to give any cash and considering the transport difficulties, we jumped on the opportunity of the ship collecting donations in Bali.

A navy ship docked at Benoa harbor, KRI dr SUHARSO 990, has been collecting donations around the clock till Tuesday 2nd 12 noon and left for Sulawesi later that day packed with food supplies, drinking water, tents, blankets, clothes, etc. As per the navy officers, it would take about 2 to 3 days for the vessel to reach the affected area in Sulawesi, so hopefully it has arrived by now.

It was a bit of a rush, but 14 different people and companies have still come forward last-minute this Monday and Tuesday and since our Lombok trip with cash and other sorts of donations.

The final total in cash donated is 127,046,010 IDR (8,367 USD at current exchange rate). Of this, 40,965,510 IDR was allocated to the purchases for Sulawesi.

2 days of shopping at Lotte, additional purchases and donations delivered to our office, resulted in 3 well loaded pick-ups sent to the harbor.

Now, back to Lombok. We have made good on our promise of the wheelchair for the 110-year old lady. Thank you to Selong Selo for their help in purchasing and getting this wheelchair to the woman, she and her family were so happy!

Also, as we mentioned in our previous report, with the help of YNCI Lombok, an additional 10 toilets have been installed in 5 different camps. So in total 18 toilets have been installed in 9 different camps.

We hereby again would like to thank all of the people and companies who have contributed. Thank you so much for your kind generosity, this does mean a lot for the affected people in both Sulawesi and Lombok.

A warm thank you also again to both Selong Selo Resort and YNCI Lombok for their support.

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Here the final balance sheet of donations versus expenses:

Balance Sheet of Donations

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May God bless you all!


Your Global Expat Team