Lombok Earthquakes – Collecting Donations

The magnitude 6.9 earthquake and the hundreds of subsequent aftershocks which struck the Eastern Indonesian island of Lombok, has claimed over 400 lives and left over 400,000 people displaced. More than 7,000 people sustained injuries as the quake caused damage to over 70,000 houses and buildings.
The earthquake is the largest and the strongest earthquake to have hit Lombok in recorded history.

During the next week we will be collecting donations and on Tuesday 28th, we will be sending a truck from Bali to Lombok.

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Would you like to contribute, then please drop your donation at our office at Komplek Perkantoran Kuta Poleng – Blok A4, Jalan Setiabudi, Simpang Siur Square (next to Dijon).

You can visit our office between 9.00am and 6.00pm (Monday till Friday) and all donations should be received by latest Monday 27th noon time. In case these times do not work for you, then please contact us (0361 754 185) to arrange schedule before 9.00am or after 6.00pm or any time on Saturday or Sunday.

If you would like to make a cash donation, then please contact us and we will provide you with bank account details or can of course also be brought to our office.

In order to ensure nothing “falls from the boat” on the way, 2 Global Expat staff will be accompanying the truck from our office all the way to Lombok and will stay till everything has been distributed.
To make sure we get the donations to those who need it most, we will be working together with a dedicated team of volunteers from one of our clients in Lombok whom have so far already collected thousands of dollars in cash donations, done 3 truck deliveries with supplies and have also already built 2 toilets.

If anybody would like to join on the trip to Lombok (at own expense), then please let us know in advance so we can make sure appropriate arrangements are in place.

Now, what could you donate? Here a list of items that are needed:

Shelter: Tarpaulins, rope, tents
Sleeping: Camp beds, carpets, yoga mats, sleeping bags, sheets, blankets
Food: Non-perishable food items such as rice, noodles (please avoid instant noodles or cup noodles), canned food, cooking oil, dried beans, healthy biscuits
Drink: Water gallons, milk, baby formula, water filters, sterilizing tablets
Medical: Any medical and first aid items welcome, especially for wound cleaning and dressing, and for pain relief
Clothing: For all ages. Due to the recent weather many people are wet and cold with only one set of clothes, so any used clothes are welcome
Toiletries: Soap, washing powder, diapers, women’s hygiene products
Electrical: Solar powered torches, battery powered torches plus batteries, charging cables for devices (many people have lost family members and charging devices may enable them to locate each other), solar panel power banks, multi chargers (when there is any electricity, sockets are few)
Other: Pots and pans for cooking, and anything else you might find useful
Cash: We won’t give any cash at the camps. We will go to Lotte Mart and buy in bulk items still needed.
Apart from that, we are hoping to build 1 or more toilets, the dedicated team of volunteers on the ground we are cooperating with, includes construction workers who can build a toilet in 1 day.
Truck: Global Expat will sponsor the truck (trucks?!). However if there is anybody who is able to help out with this in some way, that would be awesome, and then we turn that cost saving into more donation.

We would like to sincerely thank you in advance for your help and generosity, may god bless you!