World’s first rotating hotel is coming to Dubai

CAN’T decide between the sea view or the garden view? In this incredible hotel, you can have both.

Dubai is planning to launch a rotating skyscraper in which each floor spins independently, allowing guests to enjoy all the views surrounding them.

The world-first hotel represents an incredible idea — as long as guests don’t mind the sensation of constantly rotating.

The concept for the Dynamic Hotel has been in the works since 2008, but Dubai has announced the hotel is scheduled to be built in 2020.

Dubai plans to build this hotel in 2020.

The skyscraper will be 419 metres tall and comprise 80 storeys, with apartments to be built on separate floors. Each floor will be able to rotate using voice-activated technology, and there are floor-to-ceiling windows on every floor to maximise the view.

This means guests can catch the sunrise each morning, and the sunset each night, all from their hotel room.

The skyscraper, designed by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher, will also have wind turbines positioned horizontally between each floor and solar panels on the roof, making the building entirely self-powered.

Fisher, of the architecture firm Dynamic Group, said he designed the building from the belief “the motionless state of today’s houses does not reflect people’s actual lives, where everything is constantly changing”, according to The Sun.

He said hotels and homes should instead be able to “move following the sun or the wind, and adjust to their tenants’ life and mood”.

The entire building will be made from prefabricated units, which are then attached separately to a central concrete core.