Our visit to a school with underprivileged children and a dog shelter

We have recently celebrated our 10th anniversary and our company has been blessed with an exceptional good year 2018. As part of our yearly CSR program, we therefore decided to share our joy with the people in need (and this time also animals).

With the new school year on its way, we went to visit a school with underprivileged children, SDN 5 Tanah Aron, in Bebandem village in Karangasem Regency. This school is quite isolated and only 3 km away from the top of the Gunung Agung volcano, during the high alert status these villages were completely evacuated and the children were having their classes for several weeks in temporary classrooms in the makeshift camps. We were received with a very warm welcome and they sang few songs for us.

All 63 kids received a bag with goodies consisting of a backpack (most of them didn’t have a proper school bag and were just using a plastic bag), an umbrella (most of them didn’t have an umbrella and were arriving wet at school when raining), a pair of shoes (most of them had only 1 pair or were using flip flops to walk to/from school), and some snacks. Yes, we had coordinated in advance with the school on the different sizes for the shoes.

Our team had prepared some fun educational games, using very basic English, which the children participated in with much enthusiasm. We separated them into different groups, and the few winners received a prize.

We also had lunch boxes prepared by a catering company and enjoyed a beautiful lunch together with the children and their 10 teachers.

The kids were very happy with the stuff we brought for them and we were all very touched by the incredible smiles of those beautiful children.


On our way back, we stopped at a shelter for dogs close to the Gunung Agung volcano. This shelter has been founded by an Indonesian woman, Tio Russ, a passionate dog lover, late 2017 during the time that Gunung Agung was on high alert status and people and animals were being evacuated within a radius of 10 km.

Here we donated 120 kg of dry food and 20 cans of wet dog food.

The shelter today is still home to 130 dogs, each of them waiting for a loving soul to adopt them.

Thank you to our team, the teachers and the children, the caretakers and the dogs, for another successful charity event! We are looking forward to our next CSR activity!

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