Thrills at sea: Global Dream’s roller coaster takes shape

HONG KONG, MUNICH –  New Global Class cruise ship, Global Dream  is on track to be equipped with the world’s longest roller coaster at sea.

The Spike-Coaster-type roller coaster – called Space Cruiser by Dream Cruises – will be the highlight of the Dream Park at the Pier, the very first theme park at sea.

One of the most exciting cruise ship attractions to date is being set up for testing on land in the immediate vicinity of the MV Werften shipyards in Germany.

Marco Hartwig, project manager Maurer Rides, said the setup will be used to test the installation methodology especially designed for ship assembly.

The conductor rail and gear rack along the roller coaster track, which is necessary for the generation and transmission in the electric motor, can be installed on land in advance. This saves valuable time during the ship assembly.

This structure being built in Germany will become the longest roller coaster at sea.

The first photos of the construction process show the scope and scale of the world’s longest offshore roller coaster.

After leaving the station, the ride starts with an acceleration section followed by two closely-spaced inclined 90-degree curves.

The following two “camelbacks” provide a breathtaking launch above the railing and the heads of the passengers, with a maximum speed of up to 60km/h.

A 360-degree downward and upward helix form the end of the 303-metre-long track before the vehicles reach the station again.

“We are thrilled with the progress of the construction of the roller coaster and are excited to unveil this ride to our guests when our ship launches,” said Michael Goh, president of Dream Cruises.