Our Visit to Yasa Kerti Orphanage in Karangasem

We have recently celebrated our 4th anniversary and our company has been blessed with a very good year 2012. We therefore decided to share our joy with the people in need through a social event. On Saturday December 22nd we visited Yasa Kerti Orphanage in Karangasem with a group of 18 people.

It was a truly magnificent day, the orphanage received us with a very warm welcome and they were very happy with all the stuff we brought for them. We were all very touched by the incredible smiles of those beautiful children. Here a couple of pictures of the orphanage and of all stuff that was collected, a total of IDR 2.8 million was also donated in cash. After our visit, we stopped in Candidasa for some “sexy” photo shooting.

A big thank you to all 30 people and several companies that contributed and also to the 18 people who joined, you all certainly have made a difference in the lives of these children in need.

The orphans of Yasa Kerti send you their best wishes for the upcoming year 2013!

A short note about Yasa Kerti Orphanage, the orphanage was founded in 1988 and is currently led by Bapak I Wayan Brata under Yasa Kerti Foundation. It is located in Karangasem regency, approximately 3 hours drive from city of Denpasar. There are currently 30 children living in the orphanage; 7 elementary school students, 10 junior high, 11 senior high and 2 university students. The children are given not only the chance to go to school but also a lot of life education in order to be able to responsibly live their own life once graduated. To fulfill their daily needs, they do not only survive from donations, but they also have a small farm where they grow pigs, chickens, and some vegetables which of course would not be sufficient for them.

The main problem for the Orphanage is money for education and medication. However, any sort of other donations are always welcome (food, used clothing, school equipment, treats and toys for the children, etc). Nothing is wasted. If there is no immediate use for something, it is traded, sold, exchanged or bartered for something that is needed, or altered to fit a need.