Our visit to a school in Karangasem

After a pause due to the pandemic, we are delighted to have started again our yearly CSR program. A good way to show our gratitude for the company’s great achievement this year, and to highlight Global Expat 14th Anniversary of few months ago, and Surya Solution 2nd Anniversary on December 18th.

To streamline the event and preparation, we divided our team into 2; survey team & prep team.

2 weeks before the activity, the survey team went to 4 schools all located in very isolated areas in Karangasem regency, east of Bali. From those 4 schools, we selected the poorest and most isolated school; SD No 8 Bunutan, approximately 4 hours drive from Kuta area. The prep team worked on the list of items to be donated, contacted vendors, made other needed arrangements such as transport.

We are very blessed, as on the day we went to the school, Saturday December 10th, the weather was so bright, no rain at all.

It was not easy to reach the school; many small, inclining, winding & bumpy roads. However, we enjoyed a stunning coastal panorama along Amed area. At 10 am, we arrived at the school.

And what a welcome, -/+ 100 meters before entering the school, students were sitting and standing along the school’s fence, clearly, they were excitedly waiting for us.

Our team had also prepared a Zoo themed 2-layer cake for the anniversary candle blowing ceremony. We also asked the students with birthday in December to join us blowing the candles. We also received a lovely surprise by 6 female students who performed Balinese dance. Since it is very rare for the students to get fried chicken on their plate, we had prepared fried chicken with rice and tea, and enjoyed lunch together. They also couldn’t wait to taste the cake for dessert!

To make the activity more alive, our team had organized some fun games. 6 traditional outdoor games; Tarik Tambang, Makan Krupuk, Lari Balon, Lari Kelereng, Paku Botol & Makan Biskuit. They were very enthusiast, some of them even wanted to join all of the games. Small presents were given to the winners.

Time had come to distribute the goodies. All 56 school team members, consisting of 48 students – 7 to 13 years of age, and 8 teachers; were very happy to receive a backpack, 10 kg rice, eggs, frying oil, noodles, snacks, writing books, stationaries and a rain coat.

Last but not least, we took pictures together.

No words can describe their happiness and we were all very touched by the incredible smiles of those beautiful children.

Thank you to all our Global Expat & Surya Solution team members, the teachers, and the students for making this charity event another unforgettable moment.