HARRIS Resort Kuta Beach to cease operations in March 2017

BALI – The multiple award-winning HARRIS Resort Kuta Beach is set to close its doors on March 31, 2017. The management company, TAUZIA Hotel Management and the owning company, PT. Indonesia Paradise Island, will redevelop the site on which the property currently resides to build a 138-rooms YELLO Hotel planned to open by early 2020.

The resort has been managed since 2004 by TAUZIA Hotel Management which also oversaw its several refurbishments. Over the past twelve years, HARRIS Resort Kuta Beach had made remarkable achievement in terms of community relations in Bali as well as the two times in a row Tri Hita Karana Platinum Award for the years 2014-2015.

“HARRIS Resort Kuta Beach has been our major contributor, it has proudly introduced our simple-unique-friendly concept to each guest since the first day of its opening. A perfect example of the HARRIS spirit through its brand and its people,” said Marc Steinmeyer, President Director TAUZIA Hotel Management.

The General Manager HARRIS Resort Kuta Beach Virginie Tutin Sandstrom added, “HARRIS Resort Kuta Beach has contributed as well to the development of our employees. Many of the team members have been transferred to other hotels within the network of TAUZIA Hotel Management across Indonesia. I am well-pleased to see them grow in their career in the hospitality industry.”

Elsewhere in South East Asia, TAUZIA will launch more than 60 hotels by 2022 through its budget to upscale brands in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Source: http://www.traveldailynews.asia/news/article/64394/harris-resort-kuta-beach-to