Frozen II, movie time with 33 Kids!

This year we decided to combine our yearly CSR program and our yearly team outing into 1 day.

On Saturday December 7th we went to the Cinema to watch the movie Frozen II with 33 children (ages 4 up to 20) from children’s orphanage named Panti Asuhan Puteri Anugerah in Denpasar.

We rented a bus, after picking up our team in our office; we picked up the 33 children and 3 caretakers. It was about a 30-min drive to the Cinema at Plaza Renon, along the ride we were kept entertained by 2 hidden talents of our team, Febri with the guitar; and Heri, the stand-up-comedian! Among the kids there were also a few hidden and brave talents, singing songs as if they were on The Voice Indonesia!

While waiting for the movie to start, our team played some games which the children participated in with much enthusiasm. The winners were very happy with the small present we had prepared for them.

The children clearly enjoyed the 1 hour 43 min Frozen II movie. After the movie, we went to McDonald’s and enjoyed a beautiful lunch together with the children and their caretakers.

It was very clear by the smiles on their faces that all children were having a great time. Definitely a day they will remember! Also for our team it was another rewarding experience. Spending time with those beautiful children who are less fortunate than us, does remind us how lucky we actually are.

Late afternoon, after dropping off the children, we then went with our team to AQUALAND. “The aqua park craze has taken the world of water by storm consisting of inflatables over 8m high, you can run, jump or slide your way round various different inflatables; challenge yourself whilst trying not to wipe out!” 

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