A day at Waterboom with 40 Kids!

On Sunday February 19th we went to Waterboom Bukit Jati in Gianyar with 40 children from Children’s Shelter named Sakinah in Sesetan, Denpasar. This event is part of our CSR program that has been held annually by our company since 2010.

We rented a 60-seater bus, after picking up our team in our office; we picked up the 40 children and 8 caretakers. It was about a 1-hour drive to Waterboom, so along the ride we tried to mingle with each other by singing joyful songs, with the help of the guitar of course!

It was an amazing day. After the welcome speech, we did some stretching exercises and fun games with the children. Our team had prepared some educational games which the children participated in with much enthusiasm. The children obviously also spent quite some time in the pool, tubing down the lazy river or going for an adrenaline rush on the water slides!

It was very clear by the smiles on their faces that all children were having a lot of fun, not to mention that at the end of the activities we rewarded all the kids with presents and parcels. Definitely a day they will remember forever! Also for our team it was a very rewarding experience, to spend time with those beautiful children who are less fortunate than us, it does remind us how lucky we actually are.

Here a couple of pictures.



IMG_3212 IMG_3360


IMG_3413 IMG_3437
IMG_3726 IMG_3736

Thank you to our team, the caretakers from the shelter and also the children for this great day together! We are looking forward to our next CSR activity!

A short note about Sakinah:

The shelter was founded not so long ago, in 2001, and is led by Ibu Catur. It started initially with a personal good deed from Ibu Catur to take care of some unfortunate children by herself at her own house. However as time went by, many people started to ask her help to take care of even more orphans and homeless children. Ibu Catur couldn’t refuse as she found this to be her moral obligation. Some of her friends who are now also being the caretakers helped her to nurse the children. And later they rented some spaces and rooms (kost) to accommodate those children who couldn’t stay at Ibu Catur’s house any longer. By now the shelter cares for 40 orphans of which 10 are less than 6 years old, and the rest are already in elementary and high school. Apart from that, they also hold a free class of religious study (Alquran study) after school for poor students in the nearby neighbourhood. Now there are more than 200 students whom they teach at a rented Aula which was designed to be a wide classroom. To fulfil their daily needs, they currently only depend on donations.