Urgent need to deregulate Indonesia Marine Tourism

The State News Agency Antara reports that the Indonesian Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, is urging for a massive deregulation of the sea tourism sector in order to clear the way for cruise and yacht tourism to produce much-needed foreign exchange for the National Economy.

Minister Yahya said while markingNusantara Day 2016 at his office on Monday, August 22, 2016: “We must undertake a massive deregulation in the sea tourism sector. At this time, when people want to bring a yacht to Indonesia it takes 21-days to process the permits, while in neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand the entire yacht clearance process takes only one hour. How can we compete when we make things so difficult for our clients?”

The Minister explained that while sea tourism remains a major attraction in Indonesia, in 2015 the foreign exchange generated from the tourism sector was only US$ 1 billion.

Minister Yahya said Indonesia’s revenues earned from marine tourism are much less than Malaysia who earned US$8 billion from sea tourism in 2015, when, in fact, Indonesia has a much more extensive array of shorelines and coral reefs than Malaysia.

Continuing, the Minister said: “If the performance of your business is poor, it can almost certainly be traced back to poor regulations, incapable of supporting business.”

Because of this, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism feels there is an urgent need to consider deregulating sea tourism.

“Our shoreline length is the longest in the world after Canada. Two-thirds of the world’s coral reef is found in Indonesia, judge by many to be the best reefs in the world. Three of the world’s best locations for diving and snorkeling are judged to exist in Indonesia,’ said Yahya.

Yahya called for the supervising coordination of the Minister of Maritime Affairs over  the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Transportation and theMinistry of Fisheries.

Source: http://www.balidiscovery.com/messages/message.asp?Id=14139