Lukas K. Samali
was Vice President HR
at Archipelago International

“I am writing this letter at the request of Dietrich, the founder of ‘Global Expat’ a very well-known Bali-based hospitality executive search firm. I have known Dietrich for a number of years as we worked together in the recruitment of top hospitality talents.

In my last position as the group HR leader, I dealt with over 20 recruiters. Of this 20, Global Expat was #1… by far. In terms of professionalism, ethics, and attentiveness, Dietrich and his team were unbeatable and I can’t emphasize this enough. Dietrich made me feel like I had an ally in the recruitment struggle which nowadays has become more and more challenging.

A partnership with Global Expat under Dietrich’s leadership will always be great. I particularly appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing the client’s human resources force to becoming the winning team.”