David Garcia
Villa Manager
(now Director of Residences at AMANYARA)

“A life changing experience:

“When life hit you with a brick, don’t lose faith” it was the first words that came to my mind when I started looking for a new job; a job that will take me away from the constant headache that created me the previous one… after much search, I came across Dietrich and its company Global Expat, honestly speaking I thought it was going to be like any other HR consultant with high demand and low offer but Dietrich is different, he connects the right companies with the right people, and that’s what makes the difference.. In the people business, quality is often more important that quantity and that is what makes Global Expat stands by its own.

The hiring process was really efficient, an initial interview with Dietrich to understand your professional needs, personality, goals… few days later, a first interview with the company takes place, he will indeed follow up before the call to ensure the candidate is ready and once finished, a quick call for candidate’s feedback. As I said, Dietrich is very honest, whether the news is good or bad, he will tell it to you straight away, most HR consultants will evaporate from the planet once the candidate has not been hired but having someone who is honest and straight, it’s a nice touch and highly appreciated.

Once you are hired and you are starting to enjoy your new life elsewhere, what I enjoyed the most about Global Expat is the monthly follow up calls about how things are going in the new job, settling in well in your new destination and so on; and that can only be done by someone who cares about people. Since day one until now, I can only say great things about this recruitment agency and thumbs up for a job well done.”