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Airlines restarting international flights

SEOUL – International airlines this week are at the early stages of resuming international flights amid signs of an improvement in containing the spread of the coronavirus.

Korean Air said on Thursday (7 May) that it will be restarting dozens of international routes in June.

The airline, South Korea’s largest by sales, plans to resume flights on 19 international routes to “offset the sharp decline in passenger travel demand with an increased demand for cargo deliveries”.

The routes include Washington, DC, Seattle, Vancouver, […]

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China Vietnam travel sentiment survey: Vietnam rising to reopen travel markets

Vietnam’s remarkable reopening of its domestic travel sector is expected to be replicated by focusing on short-haul Asian markets in a quest to restore their international tourism profile. The country has effectively demonstrated a Covid-19 leadership model in Southeast Asia with a focus on the all-important driver of airlift demand.

A newly released survey of qualified travelers from first tier cities in China by leading hospitality consulting group C9 Hotelworks and Delivering Asia Communications, created to understand relevant overseas travel sentiment […]

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Bali seals off a central village, overall infections remain low

BALI – Bali authorities have expanded a lockdown to cover an entire village in the central region, sealing off more than 2,000 residents after rapid tests indicated that hundreds were likely to be infected by the coronavirus.

The Abuan village in Bangli regency, located about 40km north of Denpasar, has been isolated and villagers are required to stay at home. The military has set up a communal kitchen to provide villagers three meals a day.

Bali authorities had initially put only one […]

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China faces an economic reckoning as Covid-19 turns world against globalisation

One of the more worrying consequences of the coronavirus is that it looks likely to become a catalyst for deglobalisation.

At the centre of this will be the decoupling of the Chinese economy with developed economies and the US in particular. The world’s three largest free economies – the European Union, the United States and Japan – are all drawing up separate plans to lure their companies out of China.

European Union trade commissioner Phil Hogan has called on companies to consider […]

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Interesting read on how cruise lines dealt with and contributed to the fast spreading around the world of Covid-19

The Apex was nearly finished. A brand new cruise ship for the Celebrity Cruises line, it was a towering, 117,000-ton vessel with luxuries like a “resort deck” featuring martini-glass-shaped jacuzzis and a movable platform cantilevered off the side – known as “the Magic Carpet” – to be used as an outdoor restaurant. As the builders put the finishing touches to it, the company held parties for crew and contractors, even as the rest of the world was shutting down to […]

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Get ready for post-corona air travel: It won’t be much fun

SINGAPORE – Aviation commentators are painting a grim picture of air travel once the Covid-19 virus has been beaten into submission.

Get ready for four-hour check-in times. Passenger disinfection tunnels. Thermal scanners. Facemasks onboard aircraft. And cabin crew dressed in full personal protection gear.

Most likely, your meal– if there is one – will come in a disposable sealed cardboard box. Forget the drinks service. And the airline magazine in the seat pocket will be a thing of the past.

Already, new stricter […]

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