3-Star Michelin Chef to open two new eateries in Bali

Whenever Juan Pierre Anthony, an Indonesian who has spent a lifetime traveling the world, returns home to Bali he heads to his favorite roadside traditional diner or warung to fuel up on some genuine Indonesian home cooking. Juan knows nothing beats the experience of dining in a humble Indonesian warung that unfailingly offers a homey atmosphere in which freshly prepared food at affordable prices is always on tap.

Juan, who currently live and works in Dubai, has long harbored a dream wondering how to incorporate all the culinary charms of a humble warung, with world-class culinary standards that meets the demands of sophisticated world travelers like himself. An unexpected meeting with a famous chef while surfing during a home visit in Bali, led to a plan to bring a world class chef to Bali to help materialize a shared dream punctuated, of course, by extended periods of surfing.


French-Canadian chef Hugo Coudurier has worked in some of the most celebrated kitchens in Europe and the United States. After completing his culinary training in Dijon, Chef Hugo joined maître cuisine de France Jean -Jacque Noguler at the Michelin Star awarded restaurant La Ferme in Bossey. Expanding his experience of working with the best restaurants, Courdurier moved to Hotel des Trois Valees in Coucheval, followed by Guy Savoy’s flagship 3-Michelin star restaurant “Guy Savoy Paris” before transfering to the USA to become executive chef at Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas.

“I had decided that my next move would not be fine dining,” Coudurier said, admitting Indonesia wasn’t on his radar until he met Juan the owner of MyWarung. “I needed a break. I wanted something more casual, and I fell in love with Bali. So, when this opportunity came up, it was a natural fit.” Coudurier is excited to share his gastronomic perspective in developing MyWarung via two outlets opening in Canggu and Echo Beach in December 2016.

IdeAnonim, an Indonesian architecture & design firm heavily influenced by a Wabi-Sabi – a Japanese design concept that uncovers beauty in imperfection and earthiness, designed the first two MyWarung.  As a result, look for a captivating jumble of curated pre-loved furniture from across Indonesia as a backdrop for Coudurier’s culinary vision of simple and uncomplicated food prepared with the only the finest ingredients.

The classically trained Coudurier has prepared a short and sharp menu encompassing western and Asian flavors, with an emphasis on locally grown produce and the highest-quality meats. Courdurier explorative nature will be accommodated by regular menu changes.

Chef Hugo Coudurier and Juan Anthony’s first foray into fast-casual fare, MyWarung in Canggu and Echo Brach will open on December 19, 2016.


Both restaurants will serve some 16 dishes, affordably priced starting from Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 75,000.

MyWarung Canggu
Jalan Subak Sari 80 (Near Canggu Club)
Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kab. Badung 80361 – Bali
Tel: +62-(0) 82 339 120 880

MyWarung Echo Beach
Jalan Batu Mejan 78 (Echo Beach)
Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kab. Badung 80361 – Bali
Tel: +62 (0) 82 266 029 978

MyWarung Website

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