Tourism Workers Union in Bali demand moratorium on new hotels and accommodation quotes, Putu Satya Wira the chairman of the Bali chapter of the Indonesian Tourism Workers Union (FSP PAR SPSI) who says tourism workers in his organization support a moratorium on new accommodation and hotel projects in Bali.

Putu Satya’s comments were made at a “Halal Bihalal” gathering held on Saturday, August 22, 2017, in Denpasar, Bali. The Union Chief said the number rooms in Bali now more than 130,000 – a number that far exceeds demand and that is fueling an unhealthy price war among hotel operators. In turn, he says the current investment climate in Bali is not conducive.

Expressing the concerns of the Union’s membership, Putu Satya says the current overbuilt situation threatens the quality of the Bali tourism product and the welfare of those working in the tourism industry.

Echoing Putu Satya is the chairman of the Bali chapter of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI-Bali), Tjokorda Oka A.A. Sukawati (Cok Ace) who is calling on the Government to regulate the hotel industry to preserve the careers of those who work in that sector.

“The price war is not only unhealthy for businesses and the tourism industry, but the workers in tourism also suffer. Rooms are being sold at too low prices to attract tourists and the salaries of those working also decline. This has to be overcome!” warned Cok Ace.

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